NB Models

£55 including UK postage

This whitemetal kit includes driving wheels.  I think that they are Kays.  Bogie and tender wheels are early Romford.  The motor is  ECM with Romford gears and a whitemetal motor mount to fit to the milled brass chassis

Cheques payable to N Blackburn

Cast whitemetal and etched brass kit which includes wheels and gears.  A machima  1624 motor is required.  I could not find the etched roof grill for the kit but I have included an A1 models grill which will need trimming to size.

Dave Alexander  Metrovick  class 28  Etched and cast loco kit

Sutherland Models

Cotswold Kit

£65 including UK postage

​4mm Kits for sale

LMS Standard Compound  4-4-0  Kit  CW36